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Welcome to Jeremy Browning's Web site

Hello - you have reached the main entry point for the Web presence of Jeremy Browning.
I'm now pretty much retired but I was a bid manager, tech author, editor, trainer, singer, bass player, mental health worker, chef.

I've also been a dad since 1999, and single (divorced) since March 2014.

These days I look a bit like the picture above, but in the past I looked like this JHB 2008, thisJeremy Browning, aged twenty two, thisJeremy Browning, aged twenty, and even thisJeremy Browning, aged nine.

Most of this website is very old - like from 2007 or so.
Some of the pages are more recent, and as of June 2022 I've resurrected it and am updating stuff slowly, bit by bit.

What you will find here

But wait! A few words before you start (if you haven't already)

Many years ago I had a job where I used to travel for nearly three hours every day to and from the office, and I used that time to teach myself the basics of HTML and create my own website. Over the course of the two years or so that I worked in that ofice that site grew into a fairly comprehensive review of my life to date - but when I moved on my commute changed, and I no longer had time to work on it. This was also largely due to my (at the time) two young children - other demands on my time and so the website stopped being updated.

Fast forward 15 years or so and once again I have time to do some web work - but that site is hideously out of date and uses technologies and techniques that are now also out of date and/or frowned upon (framesets? Layers?). So now I'm trying to re-learn some of what I knew and also to bring my HTML a bit more up to date; which is why I am hand tooling this new site (with a bit of help from Dreamweaver). So this site is work in progress (obviously) but will improve & expand.

Bear with me, it'll expand. In the meantime my old site is archived here (used to be at but isn't there any more so that's why I haven't made that URL into a hyperlink). Eye thang yew.

And... why not come along and sing along with Tottenham Community Choir?